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About This Project

This semester (spring 2020), as a requirement for my CUE course (Culminating Undergraduate Experience), a course designed to integrate and unify our undergrate training, I will be completing a capstone project. For the purpose of this course, I have been tasked with building this interactive web experience to which I will frequently publish about Latent Tuberculosis culminating in a final literature review about the molecular basis of how the diesease is often kept at bay.

BCM 441[…]

Tuberculosis: An Emphasis on Latency

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Organizing Themes of Latent Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Table of Contents  Primer Page Introduction and Table of Contents Organizing Themes of Latent Pulmonary[…]

BCM 441[…]

ISS Resident “Mousetronauts” Experience Liver Lipid Dysregulation: Challenges To Prolonged Space Exploration Deep Within Your DNA

Life on Earth is the achievement of 4.5 billion years of selective pressure and responsive[…]

About Me

I am a senior biochemistry major at Muhlenberg College with a focussed interest in the biochemistry of the . I have spent my undergraduate years researching the effect of E-cigarettes on the oral microbiota in the Lab of Dr. Giancarlo Cuadra.

My past two summers have been spent working at Regeneron where I have studied the role of plasmacytoid dendritic cells in Lupus pathogenesis as well as the viability of Borellia Burgdorferii surface proteins as antibody targets.

Upon graduation I will be joining the van den Brink Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering where I will work as a research tech studying CAR-T therapy. 

My future plans include the pursuit of a PhD in biomedical science followed by a lifetime of devotion to scientific achievement and academic excellence.

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I love to talk shop! Please reach out to me for rich biochemistry and immunology discourse. I also love biochemistry memes!